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Hip feels tight, sometimes in pain

edited September 2014 in Back
A little over a year ago I hurt my back while working under a hood of a car.  Had shooting pain in my lower back and the next few days I was hurting in my right buttocks and down the right thigh.  No numbness or tingling.  Early this year I went to a physical therapist who thought that I might have strained an inner muscle in the glute. After a few massage sessions the pain and lower back problem I was having disappeared.

Now by working out regularly and a proper warmup I won't have any issues but I recently had a baby girl and the past few weeks I have been more at home helping the wife than at the box and now the hip feels tighter than usual and I feel sharp pain in the right side of my hip when I squat or lift my leg over a 90 degree angle.  Stretching doesn't seem to have any effect, or at least I haven't found a stretch that works. 

Right leg turns more outward than left when squatting. More so lately.  Want to fix that.
Usually I'm really comfortable in the squatting position/paleo chair
Had arthroscopic knee surgery in '00, right leg - don't know if it matters.
Flat feet and pronated but not overly pronated.
30 year old - ex gymnast

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