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David Shen


David Shen
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  • tamir123
    hi david i would like to hear your answer to my question (the pain ) katiline give very bad answer i dont understand why does he answer if she is'nt answering the questions:S ty for your help very much u hlped me alot !! i tried the shoulder mobility as u said and it worked great !
    August 2014
  • Daniel Matrone
    David, I scheduled a session with Roop. Could you tell me some of the things I should expect? Such things like he will ask me a bunch of questions...make me perform some movements. Will he work on me alittle bit? Show me some mob's to work on for myself etc?
    June 2014
  • David Shen joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    November 2013
    • Daniel Matrone
      Daniel Matrone
      Welcome, you bring more knowledge to the board. Like it! Thanks.