MobilityWOD Mush Gemini

  • Inflatable deep tissue massaging roller from MobilityWOD
  • 50A durometer SBR Rubber
  • Radial flex grooves gently traps tissues
  • Can inflate with standard ball pump to desired firmness (recommended range of 10-20 psi)
  • Color: Blue with Rogue and MobilityWOD branding
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Available here in two size options, the Gemini-Xm “Mush” roller takes the essential contoured design of the original MobilityWOD Gemini and adapts it with a softer, more flexible rolling surface + fully customizable firmness. Using any standard air pump, athletes can quickly adjust the pressure of the Gemini-Xm (ideal inflation range: 10 to 20 psi), creating the exact right feel for any targeted treatment area.

All Mush Geminis are made from 50A durometer SBR rubber, with radial flex grooves for a nice moderate grip—trapping tissues deeper than a smooth surface can, but with less intensity than knobbed rollers. The “squishier” surface of the Xm model further helps to relieve tension in areas that might otherwise be more sensitive to denser tools like lacrosse balls, making this a great accessory option for rehab work, as well.

Like the standard Gemini, the Xm has a scientifically developed, two-headed design uniquely optimized for the T-spine and leveraged trigger point work. You can use it on the floor, against the back of a chair during your work day, or as a precision hand-held roller. Includes Rogue and MobilityWOD branding.

The Rogue exclusive version of the Mush Ball includes the Rogue logo on one side and the MobilityWOD logo on the other.