Over the past 10 years M|WOD has been quietly working with many branches of the military and law enforcement. Our goal has been simple. Help these men and women preserve their greatest asset which is their own body. We call this “preserving the human capital”.

Across the Department of Defense there are almost 1 million non-combat related musculoskeletal injuries per year. It’s an astounding amount of injuries and costs billions in medical care, lost training time and disability when our soldiers leave service.

The problem is massive and our solution is to teach these men and women how to move well, train correctly and perform basic maintenance on themselves. By doing so we get a two fold response of both decrease injuries and increased performance.

Here is an abbreviated list of some of the groups we have worked with:

Combined Arms Group(CAG)
Air Force Pararescue(PJ)
Navy Special Warfare(NSW)
25th Infantry Division
173rd Airborne Brigade
Navy Blue Angels

Our unique approach combines elements pulled from both human performance optimization and injury prevention. This is taught both in a classroom/lecture based setting as well as hands on practical sessions. You’ll develop a framework and skill set to not just improve yourself but also be an asset to your squad, platoon and company.

M|WOD Tactical offers multiple on site education/consulting options ranging from 1-3 days for our service members and law enforcement.

For more information please email the Director of M|WOD Tactical at danny@mobilitywod.com