S1EP1: Dr. Richard Lee

The State of Genetics

Dr. Lee is a pioneer in using cutting-edge technology to provide preventative healthcare. In this conversation we cover the science of genetics, the current state of research, where it's helpful, where it's not helpful, what we all need to know, and what we all need to watch out for. Juliet and Kelly have both had their DNA analyzed and seen Dr. Lee as patients, so we are able to get into specific examples of what can be learned and acted on, and whether they found it useful.

12 thoughts on “S1EP1: Dr. Richard Lee

  1. Ryan Shanks
    Ryan Shanks says:

    Hugely disappointed in the sound quality when the content is so amazing. Apple earphone microphones don’t cut the mustard. Makes it hard to concentrate on the content (which I’ll say again is top drawer).

  2. Robin says:

    Excellent interview. The sound quality was perfect for me. Will you guys be adding show notes to the podcasts? Iā€™m interested in finding out how to learn more about Dr. Lee and his new business.

  3. George says:

    Can you write the rs IDs for the genes you talked about so people that have their raw data can self check?
    For example:
    Warrior v. Worrier…rs4680
    Warrior..these two nucleotides and worrier…these two nucleotides

  4. Kate says:

    Great interview. The mutation of DNA is one example of many that puts Holes In Darwin’s theory of evolution.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Really enjoyed this podcast. I’ve been very interested for a long time in doing blood work or DNA testing to learn more about my body in order to help my athletic performance and know more about proper nutrition for my body, rather than always depending on trial and error. :p I did the Ancestry DNA testing simply to learn about my racial heritage, but how do I go about doing DNA testing for health such as was discussed on this podcast?? Thanks for responding! šŸ™‚

      • Rebecca Cutler says:

        Thanks!! I just uploaded my DNA file and am excited to get some information about myself! There are so many different reports to get, though. Which do you most recommend for what I am wanting? (Information on proper fuel for my body and better athletic performance.)

        • Lux says:

          Hi Rebecca,
          You can log in to Athletigen and download the “Fuel. Perform. Restore.” report for free and get some insights right away. After that, we would recommend the “Ready State Report” (maybe we are slightly biased!). This report is similar to the “Athletic Report” but includes videos with Kelly for the injury and recovery traits included in the report. This report is meant to help you optimize training and meet your performance goals while minimizing injury risk.

  6. Steve says:

    Just got onto these pod casts and loving the first one.

    Looking forward to listening to the others.

    Would be keen to know what your recommendation for a wearable is?
    I’ve never looked at them but you make a good case to help with the sleep issue.

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