S1EP2: Dr. Jeremy Koenig

Bringing Genetics to the People

Dr. Jeremy Koenig is the Founder and CEO of Athletigen, a sports genetics company with a mission to educate and empower the community with their personal genetic information. This interview makes a great Part 2 to the last episode with Dr. Richard Lee. With Jeremy, we really get into his experience building a business and being on the front lines of bringing genetics research and science out into the world. Juliet and Kelly have had their DNA analyzed with Athletigen and we get into specifics of what Athletigen can offer.

Check out more info on the partnership with MobilityWOD at Athletigen!

3 thoughts on “S1EP2: Dr. Jeremy Koenig

  1. Will says:

    I just started listening to your podcast. I finished episode 1 & 2. From your podcast I am interested in your DNA testing kit you talked about. I see it is sold out. When will it be available again. Also when I went to athletgen I see that there is your mobilityWOD dna collecting kit and an athletigen collection kit. What is the difference besides the price?
    Thank you for your time


    • Lux says:

      It is not actually sold out – the page you referenced was outdated and has been removed. There is just one DNA collection kit no matter which report you would like to purchase. Once you go to https://athletigen.com/ and register, you have access to buying the DNA collection kit. You can then purchase the M|WOD report separately. If you have already had your DNA analyzed by Athletigen, Ancestry, or 23andMe, you can upload your raw data and purchase only the M|WOD report. Hope this helps!

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