S1EP5: Harry Marra
Developing Well-Rounded Athletes

Coach Harry Marra is one of the world's foremost experts on developing well-rounded athletes. He is a legend in the world of track and field and cemented his reputation as one of the all-time greats at the 2016 Rio Olympics when he coached American Ashton Eaton to his second Olympic gold medal in the decathlon - securing back-to-back wins in London and Rio. But that was just part of the story in Rio, because he also coached Ashton Eaton's wife, Brianne Theissen-Eaton to an Olympic bronze medal in the heptathlon. Coach Marra has also coached youth programs and is a big advocate for the role of play in shaping well-rounded athletes.

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One thought on “S1EP5: Harry Marra

  1. Champions Club
    Champions Club says:

    Kelly or Jules, do you think you guys have the pull to bring a guy like him and Dr. Romanov or Brian MacKenzie on the show together to talk about techniques? I would love to see what parts of their methodologies and methods overlap.

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