S1EP8: Dr. Cate Shanahan

Deep Nutrition

We are continuing our discussion on nutrition in this episode with Dr. Catherine Shanahan. Dr. Cate is a board-certified family physician with a background in biology, biochemistry, genetics, and ethnobotany. She attended medical school with an interest in how nutrition affects genetic health but graduated not having learned much about nutrition. It wasn't until she relocated to Hawaii that everything she did know about nutrition was turned upside down. Hawaii has the longest lifespans of any state and she was able to study the culinary habits of her patients – each of whom were raised in rural areas on home-grown foods prepared by simple methods. These findings were the start of her groundbreaking book, Deep Nutrition. This book is the single most important nutrition book that Juliet has ever found, and has truly changed the way the Starretts think about food and the way they eat.

Check out more info about Deep Nutrition on Dr. Cate's website!

3 thoughts on “S1EP8: Dr. Cate Shanahan

  1. Ronald Krzesniak says:

    Much of the information provided here and by John Berardi is in opposition to what the actual science is telling us. No exploration into evidenced-based nutrition is complete without consideration to the work of Dr. Michael Greger. His book, “How Not To Die” is an excellent primer…

  2. Shawn Faver says:

    Reducing inflammation is the biggest, anti-aging programs are centered on this. Many things health and longevity come down to controlling inflammation. Really enjoyed, Deep nutrition is on my reading list now – The Perfect Health Diet is my previous favorite.

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