S2 Trailer: Introducing Season 2


Pain is a universal experience for every human and we wanted to understand more about how it works, the role that the brain plays, and how we can shift our relationship with pain. We spoke with athletes, scientists, filmmakers, and writers to help conceptualize the very complex and subjective nature of pain. Check out Season 2 for chats with Georges St-Pierre, Chris Bell, Laird Hamilton, Amelia Boone, Sue Falsone, Dr. Stu McGill, Dr. Andrew Huberman, and Dr. Alex Hutchinson.

Welcome to Season 2. We think you're gonna like it here.

One thought on “S2 Trailer: Introducing Season 2

  1. Cory Jackson says:

    Pain train. Really! Just joking. I wish we had this discussion years ago. By the time I had any inclination of what was normal. I was facing disc fusion from S1 to L3. My body gave me indications but, wait I’m not a wuss. Everybody has lower back pain. Question is, when is enough enough. Dude! Your awesome. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

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