S2EP3: Dr. Andrew Huberman


Dr. Andrew Huberman is a professor and researcher at Stanford University and is one of the foremost experts in neuroplasticity. He talks about the experience of pain, the brain's capacity to re-wire itself, and what he calls self-directed and adaptive plasticity. As we get into the specifics of his current work around fear and anxiety, he even gives us some fear reduction techniques. Andrew joined us via Skype from his lab at Stanford.

For more information on Andrew and his lab, check out their website, or connect with them on Instagram. If you would like to participate in the virtual reality fear and anxiety study mentioned in the episode, email the lab: hubermanVRlab@stanford.edu!

Books and articles mentioned in the episode:

One thought on “S2EP3: Dr. Andrew Huberman

  1. Kathryn says:

    Fascinating listen – thank you. I have recently dealt with the excruciating pain of an acute herniated disc and I feel like this podcast explained the science behind why my recovery has gone as well as it has. I created and followed an action plan which included much of what is discussed here: daily walking, a belief system that I would recover (daily affirmations to this and surrounding myself with people invested in my recovery), using meditation and distraction during the height of pain and a 100% buy in to every recovery “action” I took (Physiotherapy, acupuncture, inversion table, diet etc).

    After listening to this, it doesn’t quite feel like simply chance. I appreciate the opportunity to learn.

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