S3EP1: Mark Verstegen

Youth Development

Mark Verstegen is the founder and president of EXOS and one of the world's foremost experts on human performance. Mark has coached some of the most elite athletes on the planet and has also worked extensively with the NFL, corporations, and the military. EXOS is built around four pillars of performance - mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery - and Mark takes us through it all. He has trained a ton of kids and gives everyone from parents to coaches a lot of great takeaways. We were so excited to have Mark in-house to talk about his philosophy and experience training youth athletes.

For more information on Mark and EXOS, check out the EXOS website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Books, people, and studies mentioned in the episode:
Plyometric Exercises with the Medicine Ball, by Donald Chu (5:55)
E.O. Wilson 16:37
Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova (17:30)
Article about Amanda Visek's "Fun Integration Theory" (24:00)
Mindset, by Carol Dweck  (29:52)
Nutrition for kids (30:35)
Mark Benden (44:45)
Every Day is Game Day, by Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams
Core Performance, by Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams


One thought on “S3EP1: Mark Verstegen

  1. Harlan says:

    Interesting thing were his comments on warming up or mobilizing kids. I had just listened to Grays podcast where he said you don’t see kids stretching before recess. The two podcast seem to contradict each other unless Mark was talking about high school and older kids.

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