S4EP2: TJ Cooper

Tactical AF CF

TJ Cooper has been a lead trainer in tactical topics since 1987 and recently retired in 2016 after 34 years of continuous service. He still serves as a Lead Trainer for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and now works for the University of North Florida Police Department as a Police Officer leading the Training division. TJ teaches civilian, law enforcement and military agencies on demand. As a lead tactical trainer, he continually trains, attends and teaches high liability topics in criminal justice academies, colleges and training forums. TJ opened the second ever affiliate, CrossFit East, and was really the first to bring CrossFit to the tactical community with amazing results. In this episode we learn about how TJ got into CrossFit, how he has grown the community spirit CrossFit by creating the CrossFit East Family, and how CrossFit is a necessary skill set that can be applied in life and death situations.

For more info on TJ, check out his website here, or follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Books, People, and Organizations mentioned in the episode.
[03:41]  Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

[03:50]  TJ’s CrossFit origin story
[04:00]  Police Corp
[04:50]  Lew Hicks
[05:25]  Coach Glassman
[07:19]  TJ’s fitness background
[09:05]  The birth of CrossFit Certs
[09:52]  Boz
[12:24]  University of North Florida
[12:38]  Deskbound, by Kelly Starrett
[17:44]  Precision Nutrition and John Berardi
[20:32]  How TJ became affiliate #2
[20:46]  Dave Werner, Nick Nibler, Robb Wolf, Mike Burgener, Mark Rippetoe
[23:03]  CrossFit Southside, Justin Bergh
[23:19]  CrossFit Jax, Chris Russell
[25:08]  What would TJ go back and do differently?
[25:55]  Mike Hiday, Chris Russell, Mike Solis
[29:17]  TJ explains CrossFit East Family
[30:45]  Fight Gone Bad
[31:10]  Alan Cook, Hypoxia Gym
[32:27]  TJ talks about active shooter situations + CrossFit
[35:49]  Joe De Sena, Spartan Race
[36:13]  Presidential Physical Fitness Test
[42:50]  TJ’s socials

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