Kabuki Strength Duffalo Bar


The Duffalo Performance Squat and Bench bar is the ultimate bar for squatting and bench pressing, correctly, safely, and for performance. We honestly believe that outside of competition, every lifter would benefit from using the Duffalo Bar vs. a standard barbell. This is a bold claim to make, we know, but we hope you’ll continue reading on as we explain.

Our proprietary bends allows scapular retraction and also reduce stress on the easily irritated Bicep tendon in the shoulder. It does so while eliminating the counter productive center peak on similar bars. Reducing direct strain on the bicep tendon plus allowing increased back rigidity and proper joint centration through scapular retraction are incredibly important. Additionally our bar improves the ability to improve core stability and conversely improves lumbar stability.

All of this adds up to removing pain, injury risks, and allows you to focus on the lift. Over time and you will see increased performance and increased longevity of your lifting or athletic career.

If you train the squat in your athletic development this bar is a must! Even if you compete in barbell sports requiring a straight bar you should be using this bar up till the final weeks of training for a meet to preserve your shoulders.