MobilityWOD Positioning Posters


Kstars secrets revealed!
The secret MWod techniques in every poster will help you unlock your true movement potential.

Ever wonder why that pretty, popular girl always gets asked to the Performance Dance and you don't? It's her front rack position. Wonder why you get picked last on Front Squat kick ball team? Maybe it's your bottom position? Do those deadlift bullys always take your paleo lunch money? Frankly, it's because your pulling position could use some work.

Now YOU have a quick reference guide to improve your positioning in all your favorite training modalities! That's right, with these handy MobilityWod reference posters you will be able to quickly figure out what's holding you back from setting infinite personal records. There is no excuse for crappy positioning and failed training love. And if those once popular kids ask your secret? You just tell them that everything they need is already inside themselves!



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