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Hey MWOD Legion,

In history of the 700+ videos we have created, there is only one video on which I had to turn off YouTube comments. In the same 700 videos, there is only one that has generated more questions and more positive real-world clinical experience. You may already know this video - shot 1 year ago at the CrossFit Games - it's called People We've Got To Stop Icing. We were wrong. So wrong.. I often tell my daughters that Starretts do the right thing and do the hard thing. This video was both - for the dogma it challenged and controversy it generated.

It is now a year later and, in hindsight, I see that I could have crafted a more elegant argument with a less polarizing title. However, after a year of serious discussion, experimentation and implementation with physicians, trainers, and athletes across dozens of sport platforms - including several hundred pro teams - along with a comprehensive review of the research on this subject, we are still confident that icing is not the best option for facilitating injury recovery or athletic adaptation.

On the one year anniversary of this viral video, we thought it fitting to sit down again to talk about the impact of the video on our lives and capture some of the specifics we didn't discuss last year and that we have learned this year.

As a continued disclaimer for the internet trolls, MobilityWOD has not and does not make any money from MarcPro sales. Instead, MarcPro created a special KSTAR code and, for every 4 units sold using this code, 1 unit is donated active service military members for rehab/recovery purposes.

Here is a free video showing how to use Voodoo Floss compression to treat injuries.

Here is a 3-part primer series on Voodoo Floss. (must be a pro subscriber to view)

Voodoo Floss Part I
Voodoo Floss Part II
Voodoo Floss Part III

- KStar

In this video: Kelly Starrett discusses injury rehab with Gary Reinl, why we should stop icing injuries and more.

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