Athletes Don’t Wear Flip-Flops | Episode 219

Hey MWod Beasts,

Ok. Let’s get into it. Self respecting Athletes don’t wear flip-flops. I know where you live it’s ‘Hot’. I know you like to look ‘cute’. But you are destroying your feet mechanics and setting up serious problem for your heel cords and calf. Best defense, no be there. You know I’m right. Take the flip-flop/slipper challenge. See if you can walk/run in your flips without clinching your big toe.

It is my life’s mission to get you guys to stop destroying your feet and ankles. Think about the worst thing you could do to your heel cords and feet, now think a little worse. That’s what flip flops are.

Here's a free 8:00 minute video on how to treat your plantar fasciitis

And here's the first video of a 5-part series by Roop & Jami on Foot & Ankle mobility. (Must be an m|wod Pro subscriber)


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