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Today's episode is a meaty one. San Francisco Crossfit is lucky to have a ton of access (let's be honest, it feels unfair even to us sometimes) to some of the best thinkers in the world about human performance. On this day we coerced Dr. Stacy Sims to jump on camera an talk hydration with us. Her company Osmo Nutrition , was born of her work at some of the highest levels of aerobic human performance (think Tour De France, Olympic biking, Rowing, ultra-running, etc). I first fell in love with her home grown hydration-concoctions when she was hydrating some of the best cyclists in the world with her home grown drink mix (now Osmo).

Around the shop here, we believe that performance is rarely a race of micro-gains. Rather, we see performance limitation as governed by simple processes like nutrition, sleep, stress, and hydration. Tweaking these rate limiters is easy and yields massive gains. How many coaches out there are having very technical conversations about athletic performance with athletes that haven't had breakfast, are under rested (no, I'm special, I only need 5 hours of sleep...), or stressed out? All of us have.

Better function with better hydration is easy. How about this, actually absorb the water you are drinking.


In this video: Kelly and Stacy Simms discuss strategies for hydrating athletes.

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