Knee Pain? Got Full Knee Power/Range of Motion/Potential–Terminal Knee Extension Part 1

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Today’s episode deals with a quite common problem we see associated with athletes complaining of knee pain. Turns out, you sort of need full range of motion in all of your joints to move correctly and at full potential.  Oh, I know you can manage quite a bit of serious force without it, but eventually, you’ll need it.  One way to think about why this range is important is when the knee is missing it’s capacity to achieve full terminal knee extension, every knee movement basically begins in a pre-loaded and poor mechanically idealized position.  When athletes come and see me for knee pain, this is one of the things I check first!  It’s difficult to talk about why the door doesn’t swing correctly if one of the hinges has a twist in it and doesn’t open all the way.  A great deal of the mobilizations on the MWod are analogs to how I would treat a person in the clinic.  Some turn out to be almost as effective as I can be.  Here is a three part series about dealing with this missing function.


In this video: Resolve knee pain with terminal knee extensions

Click here for part II

Click here for part III

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