Squat Quick Test: Is it Tight Ankles or Tight Hips? | Community Video

Hey Mwodies,

Athletes are always asking us if their squat is suffering because of their tight hips or because of their tight ankles.  The answer is it’s both obviously…But we can be a little more nuanced in our understanding.  You could call this quick test a little differential diagnosis or advanced clinical reasoning.  Either way, it’s based on actual movement and it’s in the language that you already speak (strength and conditioning). Besides, you should be able to pistol,  or shoot the duck while roller skating at the Skate King in the first grade, holding “Brandy’s” hand….. I’m sure it’s not your fault you missed that   500lb squat the other day (it’s your ankle’s fault…)

Here's a free video on how to open up your tight ankles.

Here's a Daily RX episode using the Battlestar, Gemini and Yoga Tune Up balls to free up your tight calves and feet.


In this video: Kelly Starrett & Brian MacKenzie talk about identifying whether it's your stiff ankles or stiff hips that are keeping you from improving your squat.

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