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We are living in an epoch. For the the first time in human history, disparate sports, coaches, and athletes are able to share information and best practices. There has been no single larger influence on the field of human performance than the internet. You may think that the best coaches on earth would fight to protect and guard their accumulated knowledge, but reality is far from it. Coaches around the planet are feeding forward their best thinking and concepts to be rigorously tested by literally millions of users. The risk of remaining anonymous is the risk of being irrelevant. The risk of hoarding best practices is the risk of not contributing to the greatest era of human performance ever.

We believe that all good coaches and athletes are working at the limits of their understanding to solve a similar set of problems. To discount new thinking or modifications in technique is a significant error. As coaches we should not be quick to reject out of hand people's considerable experience and due diligence. We should strive to understand how and why a coach or athlete thinks the way they do. We should evaluate their models and incorporate what we think is valuable.

Show me a better way. I'm in.

Today's three part episode is our thinking on knee pain and proper knee & hip function during the squat and is our response to the considerable interest in a discussion about squat mechanics that was initiated by Olympic Lifting Coach Bob Takano of Takano Athletics, and former USAW SportsMed Chair, Chiropractor Brendan Murray.

In this video: The Knees-Out Squat Debate | Proper Hip Function, Resolving Knee Pain, Preventing Injury & Improving Your Squat

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