Runners, if you’re still trying to address physical problems in a piecemeal approach, you’re leaving performance gains on the table. Your body is a system of systems and you have to think holistically to improve performance.
In this video we’re talking about a few easy fixes for ankle and foot sliding surfaces, as well as a joint capsule mob, all of which will restore some range in your foot and ankle and get you Ready to Run.
Ready to Run

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In their new book, Ready to Run, Dr. Kelly Starrett, bestselling author of “Supple Leopard,” and award-winning endurance journalist T.J. Murphy, lay out a clearly defined path--with precise objectives and the tools, techniques and strategies to get you there--designed to comprehensively prepare your body and your mind to embrace all that natural running has to offer.

5 thoughts on “Easy Fixes for Ankle & Foot Problems

  1. Jose Macias says:

    Can you do the last part with a PVC pipe, just sprained my ankle (takedown/grappling/someone fell on it)

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