Where do I Start?

Welcome to MobilityWOD! If you’re new to the site and are ready to get started right away, the best starting place is with Daily M|WOD RECOVER videos. We offer two types of videos: RECOVER and PERFORM. They are guided, 8-15 minute routines updated daily. Renowned physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Kelly Starrett will guide you through each routine.

RECOVER routines are designed to be done at home and focus on mobility and soft-tissue work, down-regulation, pain resolution, and general relaxation. This practice only requires a foam roller, lacrosse ball, a mat (or your carpet). These videos are Apple AirPlay compatible - meaning you can stream them from your phone, iPad or computer directly to your TV and they can be streamed anywhere, anytime.

PERFORM routines are designed to be done in the gym either before or after your workout and focus on position, mechanics, mobility, and motor control techniques to help you optimize your athletic performance and prevent injury. This practice requires tools generally available in the gym including jump-stretch bands, lacrosse balls, barbells, and kettlebells. These videos are also Apple AirPlay compatible - meaning you can stream them from your phone, iPad or computer directly to your TV and they can be streamed anywhere, anytime.

Because our PERFORM videos introduce more complex topics, a good starting place is our series of ONRAMP VIDEOS. You can find these below.

Some people, however, will want to take themselves through an assessment to identify their specific mobility issues. If you're one of these people, we recommend you go through the 14 Day Mobility Challenge. This is a series of 14 videos; 2 days on each of the 7 archetypes that represent the basic fundamental benchmarks of positions people should be able to attain. These can also be found below.

Once you're through the 14 Day Challenge, we invite you to use the filter feature on both our Episodes and Daily M|WOD archives and filter for videos that address your specific mobility issues revealed by the 14-day Challenge. Some users find that they have enough time in the day for two mobility sessions; the first being the follow-along Daily M|WOD and the second being from a video specific to their problem areas chosen from the archive.

There's no wrong way to use MobilityWOD.

In addition to our current follow-along format, for those of you who are looking for shorter Cliff's Notes versions of our Daily M|WOD, our archive includes over 3 years of mobility programming with 2-3 minute videos. You can find those in the deeper pages of the archive.

Onramp Videos

Learn the M|WOD Theory and Lexicon, Soft-tissue Basics, Joint Mobilization and More…

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14 Day Challenge

Work your way through these videos for the next 14 days and find out which positional archetypes are problems for you.

Day 1: Hip Hinge Archetype pt I

Day 2: Hip Hinge Archetype pt II

Day 3: Overhead Archetype pt I

Day 4: Overhead Archetype pt II

Day 5: Front Rack Archetype pt I

Day 6: Front Rack Archetype pt II

Day 7: Pistol Archetype pt I

Day 8: Pistol Archetype pt II

Day 9: Hang Archetype pt I

Day 10: Hang Archetype pt II

Day 11: Lunge Archetype pt I

Day 12: Lunge Archetype pt II

Day 13: Press Archetype pt I

Day 14: Press Archetype pt II