• The Ankle and Foot; Where the Rubber Hits the Road

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    While the human foot continues to be practically miraculous in it’s structural robustness and functional versatility, it is for all intents and purposes the poster child for the “dys-evolution” of the modern human. The foot and ankle will literally absorb 100’s of million of duty cycles in our lifetimes often with nearly zero pain or dysfunction. This webinar will cover the ... Read More
  • The Knee: You Will Miss ‘Em When They’re Gone

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    Take a quick review of the the knee injury literature and nearly every author opens their paper with some statement to the effect of: "Within the scope of human movement, the knee is an inherently poor design given the complexity of the demands on it." And yet, some humans still manage to play professional football, squat 1200 pounds, win olympic ... Read More
  • The Big Engine: Anatomy and Function of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis Complex

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    Injury to your central nervous system is a bummer, at every level. Tweak your spine and you don't want to move very quickly, much less lift heavy weights, fight, or sit in a car for any extended amount of time. For most people, their first taste of neuro-mechanical compromise comes in the shape and flavor of low back pain. ... Read More
  • The Athletic Shoulder: Anatomy, Physiology & Function

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    For the coach and athlete, the shoulder can often be a confusing vortex of pain and dysfunction. This beautiful piece of engineering is capable of heroic feats and is designed to last a lifetime. This inaugural MWOD Institute webinar will cover the basics of shoulder anatomy and physiology as well as common pathology and mechanism of injury. Participants should be ... Read More