WOD: Smash the Best! Pat Mendes Smash Party


Hey Mwodies,

Today’s episode is one of my favorites.  Because we are in SF, we have the good fortune to be close to Glen Pendlay and his lifters over at Cal Strength.  Last week, we had one of Diane Fu’s lifter crushes drop by.  Who doesn’t want Pat Mendes hanging around your gym?  Actually, he’s annoyingly fast and strong.

I’m reminded sometimes when  I get a chance to work with the world’s best athletes, that they need tools that work appropriately (read actually do something). Pat is a product of super coach John Broz in Vegas, and has legs that can raw squat (deep, really deep) 800lbs.  So, it’s not much of a stretch to see why a tube of white foam isn’t really going to change much in his legs.   It’s not strange that during this smash party, Coach Glenn noted that the Chinese lifters engage in a whole bunch of whole body smashing before and after their training (weird that humans have been around for 2.5 million years and that they figure this out over and over and over…).

By the way, in spite of Pat’s loveliness and incredible abilities, he still get’s a minus one for making  a gristle face. There just isn’t any excuse.  It did take a little longer than two minutes to make change in those tree trunks.  Stay on that tissue or mob until you change something or until you stop making changes.

The weight lifting nationals are just about 2 weeks away.  It’s gonna be amazing.

WOD:  Grab a Barbell or something heavy and go after your legs thighs and quads for at least 10 minutes.  No crazy horse eye.


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15 thoughts on “WOD: Smash the Best! Pat Mendes Smash Party

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    • Andrew Waters says:

      Smash for at least 2 min, you still may feel pain while smashing but you dont want to do too much in one day, its a practice so move onto something else the next day and come back to the quads a couple days later. Just my opinion, if I smash or stretch to intensely in one day I will be too sore and actually feel tighter for the next few days. A little mobility work done more often has worked best for me.

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